Ep8 - Jhey Tompkins: On making learning development fun

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On this episode, Jhey talks about his journey into tech, how it wasn't his first choice and how much he disliked the course at first. Code was something that he did to be able to have time to do other things, then one day he did a bit of frontend and feel in love with code.

We talk about a lot of different subjects, how Jhey left a well-paid job because he didn't identify with the job, how he decided to create his own company to do some freelancing/consulting and how hard it was to get things started.

We also talk extensively about streaming, CSS animations and much more!

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Jhey Tompkins

Jhey Tompkins

Creative Developer

Website | Twitter | Github

Through the talk we have mentioned a lot of interesting projects, books, videos and other resources, you can find all about them in this section.

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