Ep5 - Kevin Cunningham: From teaching math to becoming a fullstack developer

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On this episode, Kevin talks about his journey from being a math's teacher to becoming a fullstack developer. He shares with us his experience in finding a job as a junior developer, which helped him to land that job and things that he had to do.

Kevin is also an instructor on Egghead. We talk a bit about Egghead, adventure clubs and book clubs. We talk about one book club in specific where Kevin and a group of 5 other egghead members read the book 7 languages in 7 days and how he enjoyed learning Clojure.

Kevin also shares his experience as an introvert and teaching. How that was taking a toll to his mental health and how the transition to development helped him improve. He also says that it's normal not knowing everything when you are starting your career and that the important part is knowing that you can learn things and find the answers to a problem.

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Kevin Cunningham

Kevin Cunningham

Fullstack Developer

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