Ep2 - Eva Dee: From teaching Mandarin to becoming a web developer

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In this episode, we talk with Eva Dee a Web Developer at Vibbio. Eva shares her journey from being a Mandarin teacher to becoming a web developer. We will share with you tips on how to get a job, how to stand out from the crowd and get that position that you love.

Eva's first contact with the developer world started with her work on a startup. Her internship at Mozilla helped a lot when applying to developer jobs, but she also shares her experience and how important the community involvement was for her.

We talk a lot about soft skills and how important communication is in the development world, especially if you are working remotely. We also talk about being a Junior developer and Eva shares a good piece of advice, that is okay to make mistakes and that you should enjoy the ride.

According to Eva, one of the best assets that you can have is your network and that as a junior developer you should put the time into talking with other devs and attend meetups.

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Eva Dee

Eva Dee

Web Developer

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Through the talk we have mentioned a lot of interesting projects, books, videos and other resources, you can find all about them in this section.

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