Ep1 - Gemma Black: From studying biomedicine to becoming a fullstack developer

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In this episode we talk with Gemma Black a Fullstack Developer at Kamma Data. We talk about her journey from studying biomedicine to becoming a full stack developer.

The very first contact that Gemma had with code was by recreating guestbook sites then by building sites with wordpress. Along her journey she had great mentors that not only taught her some CS topics but also helped her with pair programming and with advice to push herself and pursue opportunities that allowed her to use her skills with more challenging problems.

Gemma also shares with us a very good piece of advice that everyone should hear. That is very normal to compare yourself with others and that to have that feeling that is imperative to catch up with more experienced developers but you should also take care of yourself, take some time to recover so you don’t burnout.

We talk about working in a startup vs working in a large company and how important is to keep learning and expanding your skills, to try different things and how wearing different hats in a startup can really help you grow in your career.

We also talk a lot about open source, building projects, domain driven development and if there is such a thing as a fullstack developer.

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Gemma Black

Gemma Black

Fullstack Developer

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Through the talk we have mentioned a lot of interesting projects, books, videos and other resources, you can find all about them in this section.

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